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1. 这是自从2011年以来谷歌首次荣登榜首。
2. No.5: What Made Phelps So Happy?
3. The curbs are having an effect. Overall non-financial outbound investment fell 36 per cent in January from a year earlier to Rmb53bn ($7.8bn), the commerce ministry said on Thursday, following a 39 per cent drop in December.
4. 信息技术是第三大行业,有18个入围品牌。上榜IT品牌的总价值占到了榜单的22.5%.平均价值上升了10%。北京是IT行业总部的首选位置,有12个上榜IT品牌的总部设在这里。
5. beneficial
6. And a few stopped to change a tire for an elderly French couple.


1. "China is really in a tough position," Dr. Peters said. "Emissions have grown so much in the last 10 years or so that no matter how you look at China, it has an immense task."
2. 时间:2009-11-19 编辑:vicki
3. Millward Brown的BrandZ估值主管Elspeth Cheung表示:“排行榜10强过去由消费品主宰。今年是科技。”
4. For: Well-received by both audiences and critics, it tells a crucial slice of history.
5. On Her Majesty's Secret Service gets an honorable mention on our list of James Bond Theme songs.
6. 公司:垃圾处理公司Nation Waste


1. China's Internet celebrities are estimated to create a whopping 58 billion yuan ($8.7 billion) market in 2016, far surpassing the 44 billion yuan in box office sales generated last year, according to an industry report.
2. 单词determine 联想记忆:
3. Rounding out our top five is Sandra Bullock, one of only two women on our list (the other is Jennifer Lawrence in 10th place). Bullock had two big hits this year in two very different genres: Gravity was a tense thriller that will likely earn her another Oscar nomination, while The Heat was a cop comedy that kicked butt at the box office, bringing in $230 million globally.
4. 观点:中国商业航天梦即将成为现实
5. 年龄:33岁
6. 特斯拉(Tesla) Model 3s的产量会超过25万辆吗?


1. 根据野村证券(Nomura Securities)的数据,日本ETF市场管理的资产规模为2000亿美元,比亚太其他所有ETF市场的总规模还要高出约500亿美元。8月底,日本央行持有的ETF资产的市值为1750亿美元。
2. Recognize me?: image via
3. 保险代理人员也增加了93.62万人,总人数逾560万人。
4. 4.《佐罗的面具》
5. 《发生什么了,西蒙妮小姐?》(What Happened, Miss Simone?),导演:利兹·加布斯(Liz Garbus)。
6. 但国家统计局认为,CPI上涨的主要原因是去年同期对比基数相对偏低。


1. Attractions: Europe’s underrated gem.
2. n. 前进,航行速度,进展,(前后两车间的)车间时距
3. We will deepen rural reform.

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